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  • With business risks seemingly rising each year and industry volatility becoming the norm, there is increasing pressure on company management teams to ensure their business strategy works.  The growth plan needs to be well thought out. It needs to create opportunities to access new customers yet not lose sight of existing customers. It all needs to end up creating shareholder value to the owners in both the mid and long terms. A daunting task!

  • Management are being forced to watch for industry changes and company impacts seemingly every week, communicate more frequently to current and potential shareholders, pursue business partnerships, yet speak openly with their teams and keep them motivated to to achieve company goals, plus ensure at all times the “financial house is in order". Management have to be on top of managing their available cash, the lifeblood of the company plus keep well aware of access to capital to achieve longer term goals. There has to be enough cash and credit to meet most any liquidity challenge. This cash focus includes aggressively extracting all working capital free cash from supplier and payable counterparties. One also needs to seek out the cheapest form of capital balancing a low rate with fewest strings attached. Management must also listen closely to customers needs and be opportunistic with new business partners and technologies in exciting industries to grow your business.



Mike Smyth

  • It is important to know where your company is at, define your goals to align with your vision,  then determine with your team leaders and owners a lofty but achievable plan including milestones to achieve the goals.

  • Mike is a proven senior executive with over 30  years experience in senior management and board roles at small to large companies in the natural resources, technology, financial services and industrial industries.  He is well known for partnering with management to crystallize business strategy then determine the supporting business plan and the best capital raising strategies. He is highly regarded for his “inception-to-completion” management  abilities, rolling the sleeves up to execute a business plan and accompanying presentations. He is known for having team building skills, a broad network, business development successes and provides access to strategic relationships with company executives in various industries, commercial and investment banks, capital sources, auditors, lawyers and government officials. Mike and his team are ready to support you.


Recent Client Work

Vegetables Greenhouse Grower - reviewed this private company's business and financial plan, identified and explored a higher margin path growing cannabis with the owners. A JV was closed four months later with a large cap public cannabis company.

Fire Fighting Aviation company - reviewed the operations and finance department work processes, then working alongside management and owners identified opportunities for efficiency improvements and valuable weekly/monthly/annual management reporting.  

Amusement Park Industrial company -  reviewed debt management, fx hedging policies and strategies of this publicly traded company. Also created "dashboard" reporting of key company drivers for the management team and staff to follow.

Fund Manager - reviewed current and new potential investments. Worked with the CEO to maximize each investment's performance, put risk management checks and balances in place, plus provide clear monthly reporting to the fund investors.

Advising an online national procurement training company CEO to achieve mid and long term business and personal goals.



WDS understands business and financial impacts. We will review and provide advice on your business strategy, execution plan against future goals, and your company culture and management team competencies.  plus introduce you to valuable business partnerships to help achieve your goals.  We'll look at ways to optimize working capital, cash management and hedging strategies to reduce risks, plus ensure the appropriate policies and procedures are in place to protect all.  We'll also work with you to develop a strong cash flow forecast and accompanying budgets, then provide alternatives  and recommendations for the best capital raising strategies and new customer business development efforts. 




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